Labs & Spaces

Computer Labs

11 College House Computing Labs provide College House residents with a convenient and comfortable space for group computing work, intensive internet research, visual design edits, and much more. College House Labs are spread across campus to allow for a quick print out, an hour of Maple homework between classes, or a YouTube break on a larger screen.

Approximately 160 high-end Dell Optiplex and iMac/Mac Pro workstations featuring the most up-to-date software and hardware including wide-screen monitors, 1000MB Ethernet connections, high-resolution scanners, laser printers, multimedia design software, and academic applications. All College House Computer Labs computers offer Maple, the Adobe Creative Suite, and all of the current Penn supported software products listed at:

A valid PennKey is required to access all College House Computer Lab stations.

Group Learning Spaces

College House Computing continues to develop state-of-the-art multimedia study and group workspaces in areas outside of the computer labs. These flexible, convenient, and comfortable learning spaces are ideal for collaborative work and multimedia projects, supporting the diverse needs of students in and out of the classroom. Students can connect their own laptop to the widescreen HDTV or use the Learning Space computer. In most cases, furnishings can be quickly rearranged to accommodate more (or fewer) users providing settings for both shared learning and social experiences.

  • Gregory Learning Space
  • KCECH Learning Space
  • Ware College House Learning Space