Labs & Spaces

Harrison College House Labs and Learning Spaces

2017 Fall Help Desk Hours

Monday8am-9am & 12pm-12am
Tuesday8am-9am & 2pm-12am
Wednesday8am-9am & 2pm-12am
Thursday8am-9am & 5pm-12am


Computer Lab including Printers and Scanners are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Computer Lab Location:
1st Floor Front

Learning Space Locations:
1st Floor, Large Seminar Room
2nd Floor Lounge
4th Floor Lounge
6th Floor Lounge
10th Floor Lounge
11th Floor Lounge
12th Floor Lounge
13th Floor Lounge
24th Floor Lounge

Harnwell ITAs

Harrison ITA Managers

Yangzi Clarissa Liu
ITA Manager
Harrison College House
Dylan Brown
ITA Manager
Harrison College House